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A graphics card can help you in improving your work performance, whether you’re working as an animator, photographer, or a video editor. Media needs and professional media work requires a professional workstation setup that can help you perform your task even better.

Now most of the time, your offices consist of such professional workstations that are enough to help you get going with efficient working and sere with an appealing outcome. We have compiled some of the best graphics card for animations in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

But that’s certainly not the same if you’re more of a freelance animator. Because freelancing or online work mainly demands you to work at your home, you are highly needed to have a professional PC setup at your home. Now at first, this might not be that important, but an outdated computer setup can affect your working performance.

If you keep on working with an old or basic graphics card in your workstation setup, there are great chances that you won’t be able to level up your animation or editing work. Now in a world where advancements and 3D outcomes are most in-demand by professionals and business; it’s hard to keep on going without an exceptional graphics card supporting you.

But wait! Did that term ‘exceptional’ make you stress about the money you will have to invest in it too? Well, when it comes to building a powerful and highly reliable workstation, that’s something you can’t avoid.

Investing in a powerful, fast, and life-like graphic creating GPU is very important for years of your professional animation career. In case you even decide to skip freelancing, there are always those times when you’ll have to work at home or simply improve your skills with what you have in your work station.

But the good thing here is that even with an extremely pricey or a bit-expensive GPU, you can surely gain the benefit of making it serve you for a prolonged time. So whether you work day and night, or simply use your workstation for all your professional work for years; a powerful GPU can have your back here. So you can certainly call it a one-time investment that will back you up or years to come!

With all this said there’s hardly any place for doubts and second thoughts of whether your animation work needs an updated GPU or not, right? Well then, what’s the wait NOW?

Best Graphics Card for Animations (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
EVGA HL-007304 12.99 x 9.65 x 3.03 inches 2.29 pounds

Check Price

PNY NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 2 x 4 x 8 inches 1.95 pounds Check Price
PNY Nvidia Quadro P4000 1 x 1 x 1 inches 1 pounds Check Price
NVIDIA Quadro VCQRTX8000-PB 10.51 x 4.41 x 1.42 inches 2.86 Pounds Check Price


EVGA HL-007304 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

EVGA HL-007304

This GeForce GTX 1080 HL-007304 Ti serves you with a better heat dissipation working. This is possible due to its redesigned cooling with the L-shaped contact fins that improve the area of the contact surface. Altogether, you can be sure that this GPU wouldn’t heat up even after prolonged working.

To serve your PC case with optimized airflow for more efficient working of the GPU in collaboration with the PC, this GPU consists of a new vented heat sink fin design as well as the pi fins.

With its crazy-powerful working ability, you can be sure to make the most out of this graphics card without worrying about lagging or slow performance of the applications or software. As a result, whether you’re gaming or using an animation application, this powerful GPU wouldn’t affect the performance of your working/gaming.

Since this NVIDIA graphics card pushes the limits of Pascal’s card, you can make sure to rely on this quickest Pascal card for all your professional and personal PC usage needs. Additionally, this also helps you make use of this GPU for a prolonged time without affecting the performance in any way.

With the absence of a DVI port in this GPU, NVIDIA has availed more room for its cooling services and ability. However, to cover the absence of a DVI port, the GTX 1080 Ti comes with an advanced solution of an adapter. This adapter can be plugged into a display port for all your connectivity needs, while the extra cooling space can help you avail of highly effective cooling.

The GTX 1080 Ti serves with a stably working and highly efficient PC system by being at just the range of 1.7-1.8GHz. However, it claims to be easily pushed at 2GHz without affecting the performance of your operating system. All this comes without the addition of any overclocking.

With the 11 GB VRAM of this GPU, you can be sure to never run out of memory or have any memory issues – no matter how many or how heavy applications you tend to use on your operating system.

The quiet working of this graphics card ensures a soothing and highly effective performance of your system. So even if you’ve been running the PC for the whole day, you won’t be bothered with any noise issue from the GPU.

Pros Cons
Quiet working Might not fit easily in a regular PC case
Has an impressive cooling
Serves as the fastest GPU


With everyone stating that this crazily-powered GPU is a monster in terms of the size and performance, we’d add nothing more here. Whether it’s about gaming or editing work; this GPU has got you covered with its effectively smooth and speedy working, without even causing you any heating or lagging issues.



PNY NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000

PNY NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000

With the extremely fast and interactive working of this GPU, you can easily rely on it for all your animations and gaming expectations. No matter how heavy or large the game you are playing, or making some animations, this GPU would be sure to serve you with efficiently fast and attractive graphics making every second worthwhile.

This PNY NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 serves you with a professional application performance that simply enhances your working ease and overall outcome. Hence, you can rely on this GPU to avail of a professional and next-level graphical and fast working experience to meet all your working requirements.

It comes with the latest NVIDIA Turing GPU architecture that adds-in a real-time graphical view to your gaming and professional working. As a result, you can have the experience of viewing all the graphics with a life-like outcome on your monitor.

The ultra-fast graphics memory of this GPU assures a highly fast and efficient working of your applications. Additionally, this also enhances the memory of this GPU, giving you a larger capacity of storing your games and software’s inside of it.

With the real-time rendering technology of this NVIDIA RTX, you can easily view two-dimensional and three-dimensional images on your PC monitor. This allows professionals to have a better view of their work and enhance their professional results on their workstation.

Its 36 RT cores help in accelerating the photo-realistic ray-traced rendering of this GPU, making it a highly reliable graphic card for making your PC setup eligible for a next-level viewing and working requirement.

The advanced rendering and shading features of this GPU lets you avail of an immersive VR, allowing you to have a better grasp of your animation and editing work while having an updated and advanced graphical view.

Since this Quadro is built to accelerate professional work flows, you can be sure to perform all your professional work on your PC with this GPU present in the PC case. Whether its photo editing, animation, video editing, or professional gaming; this GPU serves as the most reliable option for all your work.

The unique working of this RTX 4000 performs in unlocking the FP16 performance, which is usually reserved for only the gaming cards. Hence, you can avail of a more advanced and outstanding performance with this GPU.

Pros Cons
Faster working Setting up can be time-taking
Fast renderings
Consist of advanced engineering tools


This graphics card serves as a highly reliable and suitable GPU option for anyone requiring professional editing work from their workstation. Whether it is remodeling work, photo editing, animation, or video editing, the next-level ray-tracing graphics and extremely fast working of this GPU serves you with highly reliable and efficient performance.




PNY Technologies NVIDIA Quadro P4000

NVIDIA Quadro P4000

The Pascal architecture of this NVIDIA Quadro P4000 GPU serves in giving you an advanced and extremely faster performance of the GPU.

With the simultaneous multi-projection feature of this GPU, you can easily rely on this graphics card for running more than one software’s/applications on your PC.

Additionally, even if you want to work on multiple applications at once, this GPU won’t lag or slow down during your working time. This card is ideal for animations particularly.

Furthermore, with the Pascal dynamic load balancing feature of this GPU, you can avail of a highly decent and reliable working out of this graphics card without worrying about putting too much load on it.

No matter how advanced or large applications you’re using, this GPU is sure to have a balance in the working load and provide you with smooth working ease.

The 3d graphics scalable architecture of this GPU enhances your working performance on any editing software or application. Hence, you can experience a next-level graphical exposure on your monitor while performing your professional editing work on the workstation.

Since it supports any combination from the four different compatible connected displays, you can easily avail multiple connections ease. As a result, there’s no need to limit your connection needs when it comes to making the most out of this GPU.

It also offers you with an advanced memory compression feature, thanks to its ability to increase 20% bandwidth by reducing the fetched data from the memory on each frame.

It’s MOSAIC Technology helps in transparently scaling the desktop and working applications from a single workstation at up to 4 GPUs and 16 displays. As a result, this technology helps in providing you with a complete performance and image quality on your single workstation.

With the help of its advanced desktop software, you can easily configure one or more display environments on your workstation. This way, you can avail of an increase in the desktop workspace performance and productivity in terms of having a more advanced and desirable work outcome.

Since it provides you with a smooth, responsive, and immersive 3D stereo experience; there’s no need to have a boring or soundless professional working experience. That’s simply because you can avail of a more advanced and real-time professional application working and running ease here.

For a robust control of all the 3D effects of this GPU, it allows you to connect it with a separately available compatible Quadro sync card. Hence, you can have full control of the 3D effects and manage them according to your professional work needs.

Pros Cons
Consumes less power No Con reported yet
Doesn’t cause heating issues
Responsive working


This GPU serves as one of the best graphics card options that can enhance your professional working ease and advanced usage reliability. From the real-time graphics to the smooth graphical working, this GPU would serve you with all of it whether you’re working on a single monitor or have connected more. Additionally, with its lack of heating and freezing issues, you can easily rely on this graphics card for a prolonged usage requirement.





PNY is eagerly intended to provide you with the best timely upgraded graphic cards. This is also an RTX Series product with product ID VCQRTX8000.

The NVIDIA graphic card is controlled by the NVIDIA Turing engineering and the NVIDIA RTX stage consolidates unrivalled execution and memory ability to convey the world’s most remarkable designs card answer for proficient work processes.

Creators and specialists would now be able to use the force of hardware-accelerated ray tracing, profound learning, and progressed concealing drastically supporting efficiency and making stunning work quicker than at any other time.

The NVIDIA Quadro RTX 8000 highlights 72 RT cores for constant beam tracing and 576 Tensor cores for artificial intelligence improved work processes, coming about in more than 130 TFLOPS of profound learning execution.

It’s 48 GB GDDR6 memory that is versatile to 96 GB with NVIDIA NV Link innovation, the RTX 8000 is intended to work with the most memory serious responsibilities like making the most unpredictable models, building enormous compositional datasets, picturing tremendous information science jobs, and working with 8K film content progressively. The NVIDIA Quadro RTX 8000 rethinks what’s conceivable.

Further, it allows you to experience quick, intuitive, and proficient application execution. The super-quick design memory is furnished for greater performance. For future VR support, this Quadro graphic card is furnished with Virtual Link that clarifies HMD cabling and enhanced delivering and shading.

Pros Cons
Quicker than PCI-E based solutions Don’t operate with some games
Amazing execution


The NVIDIA Quadro graphic card is an upgraded product of its series for maximum execution experience. It also has VR future support for efficient job operations.



Final Verdict:

A graphics card is one of the most important hardware additions of any workstation. So if you’re setting up your workstation with the need of editing professional tasks on it, you must invest in a highly suitable, fast, and smooth working GPU that doesn’t lag even after prolonged usage.

Keeping that factor in mind, it is very important for anyone to invest in a GPU that fits the PC case and assures a durable and reliable working – no matter how heavy your day-to-day software may be.

Now with the above-mentioned best GPU’s for animation and editing professional work; you can surely make a reliable and long-term serving investment for your workstation setup.

So go ahead, choose the appropriate GPU according to your PC case requirements, and let it enhance your professional working experience and its outcome.


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